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11 March 2010 @ 03:54 pm
Prom cancelled due to lesbians  
School cancels prom to avoid letting a lesbian couple attend.

This flashed me back to some of the really stupid rules in place for bringing friends to dances when I was in high school. (Back in the Dim Ages... Not quite long enough ago to be Dark, but enough has changed to dim the memories a little.)

Where I went to high school, people were allowed to invite friends from other schools to dances... on the condition that they were of the opposite sex. Yup, that was the big condition. Officially it was because if you invited friends of the same sex, you were apparently more likely to be a rowdy bunch and start trouble at the dance. Guys would invite their rowdy gansta friends from other schools, and girls would invite troops of bitches to come through the hallowed doors of SJHS.

Yeah, it's a large enough load of bull that I can still smell it today.

And they say that homosexuals have some secret and sinister agenda. Doesn't that kind of rule and reasoning sound like heterosexual propaganda?

I'd wondered even then what one was supposed to do if I, for example, had a girlfriend who went to a different school and wanted to go to the dance with her. The absolute and only solution to this would have been to ask one of my male friends (because I had so many...) to invite said hypothetical girlfriend for me.

Granted, my high school couldn't and didn't do anything to stop same-sex dating within the school. (Cass, isn't a shame we never got to go to a school dance together? XD) I'm sure the students did that just fine on their own, really, since I can recall only one openly gay student there, and he was in the fairly popular crowd and so had some level of protection from ridicule. And granted, I didn't exactly know a lot of students, so for all I knew, everyone other than my tiny social circle was secretly gay and I just didn't know, but I somehow doubt that. :P

And even within my social circle... Hooboy, let's tally this up. There were 6 of us, for the most part. I now identify as asexual and agendered. One of the group is now openly and happily gay. Two are transexual (ftm, preferring women as partners, for the most part), and one, to the best of my knowledge, is still bisexual to some degree or another. Only one is in a heterosexual relationship.

I'd like to think that this society has moved on from such blatant stupidity when it comes to sexuality and preference. Then I find articles like this, and I think, no, we're just as stupid as ever. At least SJHS never tried to do what that Mississippi school is doing. I can just see the headlines of the school newspaper now.