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03 October 2009 @ 02:00 pm
First intentional public post in a long time!  
Some of you may have seen this on Facebook already, but I'm going to be running in the Children's Wish Foundation "Walk for Wishes" this year. If anyone has a spare dollar to donate, I'd appreciate that very much. If you'd like to donate, you can do so here.

I'll even sweeten the deal a little, just for fun. A $10 donation gets you a handknit scarf, in a colour of your choice. Not just a plain old garter-stitch scarf, either. I'll give it a nice pattern, make it a something you'll be happy to wear.

And not that I really expect to get donations this large, but if somebody donates $50, I'll knit you a shawl or a blanket, whichever you'd prefer.

I'd appreciate any help with this. It'll be my first time doing something like this, and I want to come out the other side knowing that I made a difference. My goal's relatively small, only $100 (the lowest goal the site would let me aim for, actually, because I'm signing up for it kind of near the last minute), but heck, even if I only manage to raise half of that, it makes a difference, and I appreciate it!